Large breasts can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, causes muscular and skeletal problems in the neck, shoulders and back. The weight of the breast tissue can cause muscle spasms and headaches. In the summertime, rashes can develop in the folds of skin between the breast and chest leading to infection. Women with exceptionally large breasts may also have trouble finding bras and undergarments that fit correctly. Our doctor understands that along with the health issues, unsolicited attention can cause emotional distress in addition to the physical pain and discomfort. For women who suffer from these issues a mammaplasty, or breast reduction, can be performed.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Anchor incisions are the common method of entering the breast tissue. During a breast reduction procedure, excessive amounts of tissue is removed. Glandular tissue, as well as any abundant amount of fat are primarily what is taken out of the breast in attempt to reduce its size. Most breast reduction surgeries last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours long, providing everything goes smoothly. Most mammaplasties are performed under general anesthesia, with the doctor taking great care to make sure every stop of the operation goes smoothly.

Care After Surgery

After care is an integral part of any surgical process. Our doctor remains an active participant in his patient's care from the first evaluation to the patient's final release. He asks his patients to communicate directly with him if they have any concerns or questions about the procedure, the care they receive or the healing process.

For a breast reduction surgery, women are advised to wait approximately two weeks before attempting to return to work. As with any surgery, minimal bruising and discomfort are expected. Any pain you experience should be able to be controlled by pain medication. Our doctor advises gentle massage on and around the breast tissue to hasten the healing process. The doctor and his staff will be with you throughout all stages of the healing process and are willing to discuss any issues you have concerning self-esteem, self confidence and physical comfort.