A woman's body changes as it ages. Firm breast tissue can begin to deteriorate due to breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight and the gradual breakdown of the breast tissue itself. When tissues begin to weaken, breasts can begin to sag and droop due to the pull of gravity. A breast lift can be used in conjunction with other breast augmentation procedures to help restore the appearance of more youthful breasts making them look fuller and more supple. Our doctors can discuss options with you concerning the benefits of a breast lift and how the procedure can improve your appearance.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift procedures take approximately 3 hours to complete. During a lift procedure, any excess skin is removed and the nipple adjusted to provide a balanced more uniform appearance. Incisions are normally placed where they will be least noticeable. Some may be made around the aerola, while others may be made under the breast where it attaches to the chest wall. With each incision, the doctors take great care to be as precise as possible producing minimal scarring.

During the initial exam, the doctor will evaluate your breast's skin tone and resiliency to determine what type of procedure will produce the best possible benefit giving you the look and feel you desire. Our doctor will actively monitor your case after the procedure to ensure you are healing as you should. He will continue to evaluate your progress until the tissue is healed and you are satisfied with the result. Keeping the area clean and close monitoring of the incisions is necessary to prevent infection and reduce the risk of scarring.

Healing time will vary from patient to patient. Normally you will be allowed to return to work a week after surgery if you are allowed to resume light duties. Wearing a comfortable sports bra will support the breasts during the healing process. Light massage is also recommended to speed the healing process. Most women who undergo a breast lift will see minimal bruising and may have slight pain and discomfort. Avoiding strenuous activity and following the pain management plan put in place by your doctor can help you get through the healing process.