A breast revision surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. In the past, revision procedures were performed to correct problems with previous breast augmentation surgeries. A few of the complaints related to those surgeries were lack of sensitivity, dimpling or rippling of the breast tissue and capsular contracture. With the recent implementation of a 10-year warranty on all silicone breast implants, revision surgeries have been on the decrease. If you are one of the women who have been experiencing problems due to a defective implant or poorly done surgical procedure, contact our breast augmentation facility for a consultation.

Breast Revision Procedures

Breast revision procedures performed at our facility are taken quite seriously by the doctors and medical staff who perform them. During the procedure, each of the patient's issues are addressed, including the replacement or removal of defective implants and reconstruction of remaining breast tissue. Our doctor is known for his precision and expertise when it comes to making repairs and improvement during breast augmentation and revision procedures. He uses both intramuscular antibiotics and bloodless surgical techniques to reduce your risk of infection and inflammation. By doing so, he also decreases the level of discomfort you may experience after surgery.

Care after Surgery

Patients of ours are closely monitored after their breast revision surgery. Breast revision and breast augmentation have similar recovery times and practices, including light activity during the first one or two weeks after the procedure. No drains are used for the surgery allowing for a much quicker recovery and improved mobility. The surgical techniques used for breast revision surgery are designed to be as precise as possible, while minimizing the risk of noticeable scarring.

Our doctor suggests at least 6 to 8 weeks of recovery after any breast revision procedure to allow for complete healing. Massaging the breasts gently for the first few days after surgery will hasten the healing process. Wearing a sports bra for the first few weeks after surgery will provide adequate support without restricting movement.